Sunday, December 2, 2012

♡ Holiday Makeup Lookbook : A Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial ♡

♡Holiday Makeup Lookbook : A Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorial ♡
 I hope you guys enjoy this fun Glam Holiday look! There's more to come! So Stay tuned! I am using new eye shadows as well, there is a haul and review for it and I for one absolutely love these eye-shadows  they are so pigmented and long lasting with a proper base.  So enjoy this look. SUBSCRIBE.LIKE.COMMENT <3

              STEP 1:   Add a primer or a base so the eye shadow can last longer and become more pigmented
                  Apply a brown onto your crease for a subtle       Apply a fushia color on your lid      
                                      smokey eye                                                                        

        Apply a neutral color on your upper brow bone     Apply a 2 shades lighter pink from the color
                                        for an hightlight                        that was applied on lid on your inner tear duct

Apply black to define the smokey eye for a dramatic glam look and Add a lighter pink from the one you applied on your lid on 2/3's of your eye for a more transitional color 

Apply your favorite bronzer and nude lipstick to complete the look for Holiday Glam