Monday, June 23, 2014

DIY Room Decor ☼ Summer Inspired + Tips (How To Get Organized)

Hey Gensters! OMGGG this is my first officially getting down and girly DIY! I'm so excited to share my beautiful recreations with you guys. I had a blast filming, decorating my room while bringing you guys along. I created 5 DIY's in total but only captured 3 on camera because I didn't know how the other two would turn out but they turned out simply amazing. Let me know what you gensters think? Are you guys arts and crafts people? Do you enjoy watching DIY's!? Be sure to let me know so I can do more for you guys. If you guys recreate this look be sure to #DIYwithGen and if your entering the giveaway GOOD LUCK! xoxo


What you will need:

 Step 1:

Paint your mason jar with one or two coats, depending how light or fully coated you want your jar to appear.

Step 2:

Spray paint and or add decorative stickers or quotes to the jar.

Step 3:

Add a cute ribbon to extenuate the decor.

Step 4:

Fill your jar with marbles are confetti and add your favorite yummy pops or makeup brushes


What you will need:

Step 1:

Pull up the hendges and remove the cardboard and paper. (paper isn't needed)

Step 2:

Spray paint the frame and cardboard.

Step 3:

Decorate the frame by adding stickers, qoutes and or thread

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Afternoon & Nighttime Routine ♥ Summer Break 2014

NEW VIDEO!! Check out what I do for my Summer Afternoon & Nighttime Routine.. I bring you guys to my awesome chill spots, water mouthing restaurants, and all the fun  activities I love to do that's PERFECT for the summer! (Mannie popped up in the video a few times so tell him HI!) I hope you all enjoy this routine video. Like and Share so I know to do more for you beautiful gensters. STAY AWESOME! Be active and remain positive, don't let others try to get the worst of you, show them you can still stand on your own two feet with all that negativity. BECAUSE YOUR MORE POWERFUL than you know it. I love you guys and your awesome support! LETS ROCK IT OUT THIS SUMMER!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kendall Jenner Inspired Makeup + Hair Tutorial + DIY (Kendall) Turban Headband

Hey GENSTERS! Had tons of fun recreating Kendall Jenner Makeup! Its super trendy and PERFECT for the summer! Let me know if you think I nailed this look? If you enjoyed this video, SHARE with your all your awesome friends. Wanna recreate this look? GO HEAD! Let me see it by #beautybygenecia on your social networks. xoxo