Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to Start and Grow a Successful Channel | Shoutout + Promote Contest!

Do you have a YouTube Channel, and you want MORE VIEWS, MORE SUBSCRIBERS? Watch my new video and enter my contest. I will be selecting people with creative video entries showing me how much they want this opportunity and how dedicated they are to their channel. Each winner will be shoutout and promoted in my video as well on ALL MY SOCIAL NETWORKS! Good luck and BE CREATIVE! (Rules are in the description box, must follow all rules to enter. This contest is for Beauty Gurus and Non BEAUTY GURUS SO BASICALLY ANYONE CAN ENTER!

Hey Gensters! I hope you all enjoyed my tips and advice. I have alot more to share with you guys, so if you all want a part two video, I am more than happy to do another. 
For the shoutout contest, I will be featuring a video and shoutout at the end of the video. I will be choosing 5 winners to shoutout and promote on ALL my social networks. I am all for women empowerment and helping amazing people grow their channel because I know how it feels to be stuck and not feel like your growing and you start to feel unmotivated. So I am happy to help anyone who wants the help. SO HERE ARE THE RULES!

1. Like and Share this video
2. Comment down below your entering
3. Make a video submission of this look (BE CREATIVE) MAKE SURE THE TITLE OF THE VIDEO  "Cold As Ice Makeup Tutorial Entry for BeautybyGenecia"
4. #beautybygenecia a picture on twitter, and instagram or post it on my facebook page "BeautybyGenecia" so I know you entered! 
5. Non Beauty Gurus, make a video telling me about yourself, why you want this opportunity, what's your channel about. (BE CREATIVE)

 AGAIN BE CREATIVE! The people who stands out, puts effort into their videos are the people who really wants it. It doesnt matter how many subscribers your have or how many views your get, all that matters is that your video content is amazing and it is very capitvating to the viewers. If you don't have the colors to acheive the look then create a inspired look. 

Have fun! I love you all. Never be scared to be in your own skin. Instead of comparing yourselfs to people of what you don't have, embrace what you have and others don't. That is what makes your stand out and be even more beautiful. Stay true and be awesome.