Wednesday, September 17, 2014

August 2014 Love with Food: Unboxing and Tasting

Hey Gensters! I am back with another Love With Food  unboxing video but this time I am tasting all 8 snacks on camera! I KNOW RIGHT! You guys get front row seats to my reaction to these organic tasty snacks. So you Gensters can see for yourself if this is a buy. If you guys purchase a $10 box with Love with Food not only will you get amazing items priced over $12.99 each but your also helping one child receive a meal. Let's put a end to child hunger and save a life. So I hope you all enjoy this video. Let me know which snack was your favorite.

Get your Love with Food box

         Tasting Box                                                                 Deluxe Box

         8+ new & surprise                                                                            16-20 new & surprise
        snacks each month                                                                             snacks each month                                                 
      Each box donates 1                                                                                Each box donates 2
      meal to hungry children                                                                         meal to hungry children                                 in America                                                                                              in America