Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Intro to Kissing Guide "Kissing Infographic"

   Valentine's Day is celebrated around the world to recognize the love you have for that special person in your life, and what better to show someone how much you mean to him or her than with a caring kiss! Whether you’re marking the occasion with an extravagant night out on the town or keeping it a bit more low key with a home-cooked meal, make sure you plant the perfect pucker to show your appreciation.
To make sure you’re in the know about all things smooching-related, SimplyBridal has created a fun infographic all about kissing. Find out about different kinds of kisses, proper etiquette when it comes to locking lips with your loved one, as well as different Valentine’s Day traditions around the world. For instance, in Japan it’s the men (not women!) who are showered with gifts, flowers and chocolate on this special day. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!