Thursday, November 20, 2014

DIY Fall/Winter Room Decorations for Cheap! + Make Your Room Look Like Tumblr! Cute & Affordable ♥

Hey Gensters! Who's ready for Winter but not ready to leave fall just yet? I showed you guys some awesome DIY's that can be transitioned to winter, so you don't have to stock up those lovable items in your closet, you can keep them up to another 3-4 months. I create fun, easy and cheap DIY's for you all to recreate as well as how to use normal everyday household items as accent pieces in your room decor. So let's Fall into Winter... Good Luck xoxo Gen 

Products used in order:
Artminds® White Wood Letter G, 9" HERE 
Celebrate It™ Jute Twine HERE
Artminds™ Mini Glue Gun HERE 
Tumblr Inspired Photos HERE
Ceramic Owl Coin Holder HERE
1 Pc Dip Bowls HERE
Breast Cancer Awareness Bangle Set HERE
Textured Bangle Set  HERE
White Stoneware Owl  HERE

                          Click to Watch DIY: