Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Hollywood Vanity Light Mirror | DIY Room Decor ♥ Easy, Cheap, & NO DRILLING!

Hey Gensters! Always wanted a Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights but never could afford those high prices, costing you hundreds and hundreds of dollars to obtain? Well pout no further! I create an INEXPENSIVE vanity mirror with lights and its easy to set up and create. It was my dream to sit down in front of a mirror with beautiful lights and do my makeup, take selfies and looking flawless on camera. Now, I created an easy, affordable and fun DIY that anyone can create at home, even a caveman could do it. I know, how cliche, but it's that simple. Watch, learn and make your dream vanity! xoxo -Gen 

Products used in order:
Lights ♥ (Ikea "Musik")  HERE 
Mirror ♥ (Ikea "Svensby") HERE
3-Wire Grounding Adapter ♥ HERE 
Extension Cord  ♥ HERE
Utilitech Remote Lamp Control  ♥ HERE
Lightbulbs ♥ HERE
(Try to stay away from soft white light bulbs because it inflicts a yellow glow. I highly recommend glob light bulbs. If your a beauty guru, or a selfie addict this light choice is for you!)
Command Tape ♥ HERE

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