Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gen Goes on a Hot Date

Hi Gensters! I took you guys along a typical day for me (and Mannie as well) For those who don't know Mannie, we have been together since high school, so you can call us high school sweet hearts. We have been best friends for 8 years now and sometime's Mannie and I like to keep things low key. So we decided to do something simple on your day. We went to the movies and had an amazing dinner. Sometimes little things weighs more than extravagence (well for me) Always remember to value each other time together, build a bond and appreciate one another. I hope you all enjoy this vlog, let me know if you Gensters would like for me to do more videos like this. Your prince charming is waiting out there for you. Be patient and just live. 
xoxo - Gen