Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DIY Spring Room Decor! Cute, Cheap & Easy! + Tips/ How to Stay Organized!

Hi Gensters! Anxiously counting down the day's till Spring arrive? Don't worry, I am too! It's been non stop snow here and I can't take it any longer. So Spring is coming a little early for me this year. I live by the motto "if you put off those positive vibes out into the universe then it will happen" So let's put those Spring vibes in the air and decorate our room for spring, and sooner or later Spring will arrive. I will be showing you guys affordable easy recreateable DIY's you can do at home, as well as some must have Spring essentials you can have to spice up your room. If you recreate any of my DIY's from this or past video's be sure to #beautybygenecia! Happy Spring Gensters 
xoxo - Gen